Mohanned Qassar

IAMBE Founder and Manager

Political Advisor, Published Journalist & Translator
BA Humanities (English Literature) Damascus University; MBA University of Canberra; NAATI Accredited Translator & Interpreter.
Founder of Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education (IAMBE), Co-Founder of the Australian Migration Council, Member of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translator, and Member of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance.  
In his Syrian homeland Mohanned managed a multi-million dollar business for water treatment plants and oil & gas valves before he became sought after as Media & Translation Officer at several Arab Diplomatic Missions in Australia. 
Mohanned Qassar experienced the Middle East on various levels; from academic education, Islamic education, military service, business management, diplomatic experience to journalism publications. For this, Mohanned commands the precise skills and experience that ensure greatest effect of Arab projects.
After more than a decade of living and working in Australia, Mohanned found that the Middle East can be represented in a better way than what the Australian media covers. For this reason, he established the Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education to assist Australians get more information on the region and its culture, business environment & politics. 
Mohanned writes about the events and ideas that drive government policy and community attitudes, publishing in political and economic media worldwide.
طريقتان للتعامل مع التطرف الديني في أستراليا
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