#3000inThirty 3,000 Children, 30 Days, $33.00 ONLY

The Institute of Australia Middle East Business & Education in Canberra has committed itself to assist you teach Arabic reading and writing to your child/ren in a fun way. 

Using our very own renowned Arabic learning book (KITABEE 1), the IAMBE has committed itself to teaching children all across Australia how to read and write in Arabic in ONLY 30 days. Starting from the 14th of April up until the 13th of May, the institute will upload a daily 5-minute video teaching children how to write a particular letter in its various forms, the pronunciation of the letter with short and long vowels, and a short explanation on how to complete the ensuing exercises in the book.

What makes this challenge both enjoyable and incentivising for children is the prizes that are regularly given to the children. All parents will receive a Parent Prize Set of Instructions and a Progress Prize Set that includes a range of assorted stationary and toys. After every 4-5 letters, according to the Parent Prize Instructions, parents will award their child with a prize from the Progress Prize Set. Even better, on the 30th day, when all children have successfully completed the challenge, they will be able to enter themselves into a draw to qualify to win 1 of 30 MEGA prizes.

All participants will receive:

  1x KITABEE 1 book

  1x Progress Prize Set

  1x Parent Prize Set of Instructions

  30 YouTube video lessons

Our promise to you is simple. After 30 days, all children who participant in this challenge and follow all the instructions WILL be able to accurately read and write in Arabic.

Join us now and share the link with others!


Participation closes on 4 April. This will allow us enough time to mail participants the book and prize kit.

Sample pages of Kitabee 1:



انتهى التسجيل


This is how the course will run:



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